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Skirmish Rules
c3 rules, guide, and safety information
Long, boring edition

Version 1.5
UPDATED: June 22, 2008


Violation of the rules will result in one warning, then ejection for the day without refund.
REPEATED violations will result in banishment from games.


Safety is of utmost importance! Should any unsafe situation occur, the result must be an immediate cease fire, to be signaled by the words, "CEASE FIRE'' or 3 distinct whistle blasts. Any player may call a cease-fire at any time for safety reasons. If you see another player with their eye protection off, you must call a cease fire.

Eye protection must be worn at all times on the field. The only time you can remove your goggles is at the designated safe area. Do NOT remove your goggles at any time, this includes to wipe them down or to reduce fogging! It's required to use ANSI Z87.1 or better full sealing goggles.

**Eye protection is one area in which you shouldn't try and cut corners. Lab goggles, shooting glasses, and US style dust goggles do not offer the protection that a fully sealing, ANSI Z87.1 rated goggle will offer. Paintball masks can be had for under $20 at Wal-Mart and eyes do not grow back.

There shall be no violent physical contact of any kind on the field.

No blind firing! You must have your eyes on your target when firing. Accidents have occurred with players with their goggles off, or upgraded guns firing into someone's face at close range. Be sure of your target at all times.

As always, respect other players and non-combatants at all times, and use common sense.
The Safe Zone
When in the safe zone, all weapons must be safed: magazine out, safety on, and PAINTBALL barrelsock on. Sidearms must be holstered. If you do not have a PAINTBALL barrel blocker, you must purchase, rent one or put away your weapon.

You may only ready your weapon when entering the playing field. When traveling on common trails between games must have your weapon safe.

When entering the safe zone, you must remove the magazine and clear the chamber. BBs may remain in the hop chamber even if the magazine is removed! Point your gun in a safe direction and fire a few times on semi-auto. Finally, place the Paintball barrelsock device in place.

Only a paintball barrel cover is acceptable. No socks, no red dust covers, just a paintball barrel cover.

Prohibited Items
Any real firearms, knives, swords, ninja stars, bludgeons, cudgels, table legs, tripwire, pungee sticks, death pits, etc.

No pyrotechnics of any kind are allowed.

No tripwires of any kind are allowed.

No Paintball equipment, such as paint grenades, are allowed. (smoke grenades and goggles do not fall under this category)
The Game
Games are preceded by a briefing describing the goals and special rules, such as medic and respawn restrictions.

Three whistle blasts, or the words "Cease Fire" three times, always signifies an immediate cease fire and end of game. At this time, you should immediately clear your weapon's chamber, and put your weapon on "Safe".

During play, always remember that airsoft is a game of honor. Give suspect hits the benefit of the doubt and call yourself out. Remember that getting revenge on a cheater by not calling your own hits doesn't work- all you do is end up annoying everyone around you. And always keep in mind that airsoft is inherently inaccurate and sometimes deceptive: not all of your shots may have landed. If there is any concern about cheating, inform a C3 Staff Member

The c3 game organizers may remind you to call your hits at any time.

Do not attempt to borrow anyone else's equipment without their express approval, even if they are dead and you are not.
During our weekly games, we play by a "area damage" rule system dubbed: "Rogue Spear Rules''.

Rogue Spear Rules works in the following way:
- DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. When you are killed, you are not allowed to give ANY tactical information to your team or enemy. This includes something as simple as "I just got shot from behind!"

- A single BB (read: not a burst) to your ARM or LEG renders that appendage useless. Meaning you cannot use that appendage(for game mechanics and basic movement) until you respawn or the game is over.

If you are shot in the leg, you are expected to hobble and limp on the "good leg". If you are shot in the arm, you cannot use your arm to aim or hold your weapon. You CAN use your other hand to reload and/or cock your weapon.

If at anytime after you have taken a hit to your appendage, that you take another BB, you are considered to "bleed out" and immediately die. (read: it kills you).

For example, if you take one BB in your left arm, you can not use that arm until you respawn. If you take a BB then in your RIGHT arm, you are still alive, you are just armless. If you then take a BB to either appendage, you are considered dead.

The same goes for the legs.

- A burst, to any part of your body, is considered an instant death.

- A single BB to your TORSO or HEAD is considered an instant death. Please be respectful to your victim, however, and avoid aiming for the head at all times. Shots to the face hurt, and dentist bills are expensive.

- Simulated Body Armor allows for one and ONLY one hit on the covered body part. After which, it is considered cracked and useless. Simulated body armor is only considered if the gear replicates real life body armor. Plate Carriers, Flak Jackets, Kevlar Helmets and Vests, etc are the only things applicable as body armor.

**SpecOps style helmets, such as Bolle, Pro Tech, and others are not armor.

For example, if you wear a Kevlar helmet, and take a single BB to the helmet, you are still alive, but the armor will not work twice. If you take another BB to the head, you are considered killed.

Tact Vests are NOT considered body armor.

- A single BB hit to your weapon renders your weapon useless. If your weapon is hit again, it is considered an extension of you, and counts as a hit to your person.

- A BB to your gear, such magazine pouches, hat brims or canteens, are considered hits to your person.

- A Burst to your gear or gun, no matter where they are located on your person, is considered an instant death.

The hit system we use for Big Games and Events is the One Shot - One Kill Rule Set.

One Shot- One Kill works in the following way.
- DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. When you are killed, you are not allowed to give ANY tactical information to your team or enemy. This includes something as simple as "I just got shot from behind!"

- A Single BB to any part of the body is considered an instant death. This includes fingers, shoe tips, gear such as magazine pouches, and clothing worn on your persone

- A single BB hit to your weapon renders it useless. A second hit is a death.

- Body Armor, unless specifically stated otherwise, is considered non-applicable.

Medic Rules are usually in effect during Events and Big Games, and can also be used during weekly games on occasion. While at weekly games the medic rules may vary, at Events and Big Games, they will stay consistent.

The Medic Rules work in the following way:
- HIT PLAYERS TELL NO TALES. If a player is hit, and calls for a medic, they can ONLY call for a medic OR can only say whether or not it is safe for the medic to approach without getting themselves killed.

No detailed tactical information aside from this is allowed, and this communication is to be only between a medic and the hit player.

- Medic will carry a medic bag that will contain bandages. 1 Bandage = 1 Medkit

- The medic will 1) Run over to wounded. 2)Pull ONE bandage from medic bag. 3) tie bandage around any appendage (tying it loosely so it doesn't cut off circulation)

- A soldier can only be healed once per "life span".

- If the soldier is shot while the medic is healing them, they are dead and bandage is wasted.

- If medic gets hit, he follows standard rules and is wounded

- Medics can be healed by others (following the same process as mentioned earlier)


Some game scenarios will allow players to be detained. You may not use handcuffs of any type to secure a prisoner. Rope, gently tied, or zip-ties, again gently secured, are the only means of detaining a player. If using zip-ties, a safe means of cutting them off that is not a knife must be available.

You may never detain a player against their will, they must always allow it beforehand.

Knife Kills

The only melee weapon allowed at c3Airsoft is a SOFT Rubber knife. If it does not easily bend, it is prohibited.

A touch to any part of a players body by a soft rubber knife is considered a kill. This includes fingers or boots.

Knives cannot be thrown.
C3airsoft no longer uses the surrender rule. Please see "Sudden Close Contact" below.

Sudden Close Contact
If two or more players suddenly find themselves surprised and in close contact, for example, two players on opposing sides accidentally use the same log for cover, they may either call both of themselves out or each leave in an opposite direction, to avoid possible close quarter and dangerous hits.

When you are eliminated, you may not relay any information to any other active player, except for the fact that you are dead.

When eliminated, at your discretion, you may feign real death for added realism. To do this, simply lie down and stop moving. After a suitable amount of time, or when the battle has moved out of the general area, or if you become too uncomfortable, you may exit the playing area.

When feigning death you may be shot repeatedly, since players might not know that you are eliminated. You can signal to them that you are out by raising a hand and calling "HIT!''. Or by placing a red rag on your head. If it continues or becomes too irritating you may exit the playing area.

If you do not want to feign death, simply call "HIT!'' in a loud voice, and exit the playing area.

When exiting the combat zone, be mindful of fire fights and soon-to-be fire fights. Avoid them. It is not the shooters job to make sure you're clear before they open fire, it's yours.

Most games will utilize respawns so that players can come back into the game after they have been eliminated. Typically respawns are limited in number, and you can only come back into play a certain number of times. There are four types of respawns:

After you are eliminated, you walk to the respawn point and come back into play.

Timed by clock
After you are eliminated, you walk to the respawn point and wait for a certain time to pass, typically when the last digit of the time is a 0 or a 5. Groups of people waiting must agree to use one watch, using more than one watch each off by 1 minute to increase respawns is not allowed.

Example: you are eliminated at 10:53, and walk to the respawn point, and join a group already waiting. Since the respawn type is ``on the 0 and 5'', you wait until 10:55 and then respawn. The next respawns are at 11:00 and 11:05. ``On the 5'' would be every ten minutes, when the last digit is 5, etc.

Timed by person
After you are eliminated, when you arrive in the respawn area, you must wait so many minutes before respawning. This time is counted per individual.

After you are eliminated, you wait in the respawn area for a certain number to arrive, and then you can respawn.

All lasers used in a skirmish must conform to and be labeled as specified by ANSI Z136.1, and must belong to Class I, Class II, or Class IIa. Unlabelled lasers or lasers belonging to any other class, such as Class IIIa, IIIb, or IV are prohibited. Under no circumstances will any lasers operating outside normal visible wavelengths (400-700nm) be permitted. Lasers with an output of more than 1mW (one milliwatt) will not be allowed, no exceptions.

Players going for an impression will be permitted to keep lasers mounted on their weapons, but the laser must remain off with the batteries removed.

Only gas powered and citric acid powered grenades will be allowed on the field. Pyrotechnic grenades are not allowed under any circumstances. All players within a 15-foot radius (unobstructed) of an exploding grenade are considered eliminated. If a player is unsure if he was within 15 feet of an exploding grenade, the player should call themselves out.

FPS Limits
Generally, c3 limits all weapons: gas, spring, and electric, to 400FPS with 0.20g projectiles. All weapons will be chronographed with .20g BBs. Below are the FPS limits and their engagment ranges. YOU MAY NOT SHOOT ANYONE CLOSER THAN THE MINIUM ENGAGMENT RANGE.

A special sniper class is recognized with an FPS limit of 500 and a minimum engagement limit of 50 feet. Snipers must take special care not to injure anyone by firing at closer ranges. Snipers must be using a bolt action rifle only: no automatic or semi-automatics allowed.


FPS and engagements limits for all weapons firing .20g BBs
- Up to 290 FPS - 15 feet
- 291-350 FPS - 25 feet
- 351-400 FPS - 35 feet
- 400-500 FPS Bolt Action - 50 feet

SPECIAL NOTE! No weapon firing over 350 FPS is allowed to engage inside the Poco Loco castle

DISCLAIMER: While we have tried to cover nearly every possible eventuality with this rule set, there will always be new scenarios that emerge that can put someone in danger. With that, we reserve the right to eject anyone acting in a blatantly stupid and unsafe manner.

Airsoft is simulated combat and geared towards the mature and level-headed adult. Use common sense, and think before you do something. This isn't a video game, you and/or others CAN and WILL get hurt if you act stupid and unsafe.
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